Mannual Onion Slicer/Fruit and Vegetable Slicer With 1/4" Cutter Blade

ChefcoSKU: VS-250

Sale price$396.00 CAD



The vegetable slicer has a unique top-down drive that allows you to cut a variety of fruits and vegetables easily and smoothly. Enough leverage can be provided to reduce the workload, ensuring that no food is wasted and your produce doesn't get squeezed or scratched while cutting. The base is high enough to hold the food pot underneath, making preparation and cleanup a breeze.

1.Lightweight and convenient, stable and durable, long service life
2. Sharp blade, fast cutting, improve work efficiency
3. Blade unit and push block will be separated quickly when cleaning, easy to clean

Materials :
Stainless steel blade Aluminum body 
Cutting size
9mm/4.5mm, 6mm/12mm
38.5*23.5*35.5CM / 14.76" x 9.25" x 13.80"
8kg / 17.6lbs

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