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Showing 1 - 26 of 26 products
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5FT Sushi Showcase (59.06"x16.3"x11.8")
Tiered Sushi Bridge PlatterTiered Sushi Bridge Platter
Sushi Bridge Platter
Large Resin Lacquer Sushi BoatLarge Resin Lacquer Sushi Boat
Plastic Sushi Box Mold Kit, 10 Piece setPlastic Sushi Box Mold Kit, 10 Piece set
Electric Seaweed Container, Half SizeElectric Seaweed Container, Half Size
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6FT Sushi Showcase (70.87"x16.3"x11.8")
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4FT Sushi Showcase (47.24"x16.3"x11.8")
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7FT Sushi Showcase (78.74"x16.3"x11.8")
Bamboo Gate Decoration
Sale priceFrom $3.60 CAD
Bamboo Gate DecorationChefco Reviews
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Bamboo Branch Decoration
Plastic Round Sushi Tray with Lid
Plastic Rectangle Sushi Container with Clear Lid
Bamboo Serving Boat & Decoration
Bamboo Serving Board & Decoration
Bamboo Sushi MatBamboo Sushi Mat
Sale priceFrom $1.99 CAD
Bamboo Sushi MatChefco Reviews
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Wide Wood Sushi Serving Boat (80cm wide)
Wooden Sushi Serving Board (36cm x 21cm)Wooden Sushi Serving Board (36cm x 21cm)
Plastic Oshizushi Press/Sushi Box MoldPlastic Oshizushi Press/Sushi Box Mold
Small Resin Lacquer Sushi BoatSmall Resin Lacquer Sushi Boat
Wooden Oshizushi Press/Sushi Box MoldWooden Oshizushi Press/Sushi Box Mold
Electric Seaweed Container, Full SizeElectric Seaweed Container, Full Size

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