Hasegawa Antibacterial Plastic Non-Stick Sushi Rolling Mat (Makisu) 10" x 9.5"

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An essential tool for any sushi bar, this makisu rolling mat is used to make maki sushi rolls.
This makisu is made with embossed plastic strips and monofilament strings instead of the traditional bamboo and cotton strings. The embossed plastic strips have been treated with antibacterial agent so they are very hygienic and easy to be cleaned.


• Does not generate splinters or black mold, like those conventional bamboo ones always do.
• Rice less likely to stick to its embossed strip surface. You do not need to use plastic wrap to cover conventional mats.
• Quick to be dried so that it can be used right after washing.
• Lasts very long.


• Material: Plastic, Monofilament
• Dimensions: 10" x 9.5" (25cm x 24cm)
• Color: Green
• Made in Japan


• Dishwasher safe, bleach safe.
• Can be soaked in the hot water (212°F/100°C) for at most 5 minutes for high temperature sterilization. Soaking in hot water for a long time will cause the strings damaged.


Super Hygienic Sushi Rolling Mat is bound together using "Monofilament" strings, which is similar to that of the fishing line. The material is non water-absorbent and dries immediately after wash, making it very hygienic. However, incorrect use may cause the binding strings to break.
With a good understanding of this characteristic, correct use and exercise care in handling, the Super Hygienic Sushi Rolling Mat can last much longer than conventional ones.


Hasegawa Chemical Co., Ltd. produces and distributes mostly commercial grade kitchenware in Japan. They are focused on preventing serious food-borne diseases caused by bacteria such as E. coli viruses. Their production process is managed with meticulous care. In Japan, HASEGAWA's kitchenware is highly valued for their benefits on sanitary management among restaurants, catering services, hotels and food factories. Their belief promotes safe and secure kitchenware to reach high level standards all over the world!

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