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Professional Chef's Mandolin SlicerProfessional Chef's Mandolin Slicer
Mandoline Slicer, Made In TaiwanMandoline Slicer, Made In Taiwan
Sale priceFrom $30.00 CAD
Mandoline Slicer, Made In TaiwanChefco
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Mandoline Slicer Set with Built-In Blades
Eight Channel TimerEight Channel Timer
Sale price$139.00 CAD
Eight Channel TimerChefco
Digital Fridge/Freezer ThermometerDigital Fridge/Freezer Thermometer
Countdown Magnetic Teaching Mechanical Timer, 60 minCountdown Magnetic Teaching Mechanical Timer, 60 min
Save $100.00 CAD
Tenryo Embossed Hi-Soft Cutting Board 0.75" ThicknessTenryo Embossed Hi-Soft Cutting Board 0.75" Thickness
Sale priceFrom $375.00 CAD Regular price$475.00 CAD
Tenryo Embossed Hi-Soft Cutting Board 0.75" ThicknessChefco
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White Rectangular Cutting Board
Sale priceFrom $13.00 CAD
White Rectangular Cutting BoardSub-equip
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2.5GAL Manual Salad Spinner2.5GAL Manual Salad Spinner
Sale price$159.00 CAD
2.5GAL Manual Salad SpinnerChefco
Green Fishing Net
Sale priceFrom $18.00 CAD
Green Fishing NetChefco
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3 Channel Group LCD Display Timer3 Channel Group LCD Display Timer
Electronic TimerElectronic Timer
Sale price$8.99 CAD
Electronic TimerChefco
18″ x 24″ White Plastic Cutting Board With Hook
White Rectangular Cutting Board (6" x 10" x 0.5")
Deepfry/Candy Thermometer, 2" Dial, 12" Probe
Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer, -26~608F, -32~320CDigital Laser Infrared Thermometer, -26~608F, -32~320C
Digital Thermometer with 15/16" LCD and 4-3/4" Probe
Waterproof Digital Thermometer
Freezer/Refrigerator 3.5" Thermometer with Suction Cup
Freezer/Refrigerator 3" Dial Thermometer
Freezer/Refrigerator 2" Dial Thermometer
Pocket Test Thermometer, 50 to 550F Range

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