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Dual Stage Knife Sharpener
Sale price$24.48 CAD
Dual Stage Knife SharpenerWinco
Masamoto Stone FixerMasamoto Stone Fixer
Sale price$45.00 CAD
Masamoto Stone FixerChefco
Japanese Style Whetstone RWJ04(400#)Japanese Style Whetstone RWJ04(400#)
Handheld Electric Knife SharpenerHandheld Electric Knife Sharpener
Naniwa Lobster Sharpening Stone, 1000 GritNaniwa Lobster Sharpening Stone, 1000 Grit
Ceramic knife Sharpening Rod
Sale price$27.00 CAD
Ceramic knife Sharpening RodChefco
Double Diamond Whetstone with HolderDouble Diamond Whetstone with Holder
Sharpening Stone, #180/#320Sharpening Stone, #180/#320
Sale priceFrom $6.99 CAD
Sharpening Stone, #180/#320Naniwa
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Double-sided whetstone RW252 (2000/5000#)Double-sided whetstone RW252 (2000/5000#)
Double-sided whetstone RW231 (1000/3000#)Double-sided whetstone RW231 (1000/3000#)
RISAM auto-adjust knife SharpenerRISAM auto-adjust knife Sharpener
RISAM auto-adjust knife SharpenerRISAM auto-adjust knife Sharpener
Suehiro Sharpening Stone for Knives 1000/280 Grit
Mini Suehiro Sharpening Stone for Knives 1000/300 Grit
King Medium Grain Sharpening Stone, 1000 Grit
Kitayama Sharpening Stone for Knives Fine Grit, 8000
Japanese Small Repair Stone (32mm x 70mm)Japanese Small Repair Stone (32mm x 70mm)
Diamond & CBN Sharpening Rod
Sale price$27.00 CAD
Diamond & CBN Sharpening RodChefco
Nitori Double-Sided Sharpening Stone (400/1000 Grit)
Nitori Sharpening Stone (1000 Grit)
Japanese Sharpening Stone (1000 Grit)
Silicon Carbide Sharpening StoneSilicon Carbide Sharpening Stone
Cylindrical Sharpening Stone #180/#320
ST-20725 Sharpening StoneST-20725 Sharpening Stone
Sale price$8.50 CAD
ST-20725 Sharpening StoneChefco
Premium Oval Sharpening Steel 22mm Diameter
Sharpening guide with ceramic insertsSharpening guide with ceramic inserts
Four Stage Knife SharpenerFour Stage Knife Sharpener
Sale price$54.10 CAD
Four Stage Knife SharpenerWinco
Sharpening Stone with Fine/Medium Grain

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