Nitori Double-Sided Sharpening Stone (400/1000 Grit)

ChefcoSKU: LX-CW11

Sale price$26.50 CAD


It is not surprising that the best sharpening stones come from Japan. Japanese water stones are comprised of sharpening grains and a binding agent, as soon as the stone is being used the sharpening grains break off, revealing a new cutting edge of grains. It is best to soak the stones in water prior to use. A clear advantage of the water stone is its fast cutting due to its softer nature and the use of water to remove the scarf from the stone.

    The coarser side is ideal for initial sharpening due to their fast cutting and ability to sharpen quickly. After the initial sharpening, flip to the finer side to polish and finish off your knives and tools for long-lasting edges. This sharpening stone is the perfect combination of consistent performance at a low price.

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