RISAM auto-adjust knife Sharpener

ChefcoSKU: RW022

Sale price$18.00 CAD


  • NEW HANDLE FOR SAFE SHARPENING: Competitor sharpeners does not have a handle. This can be dangerous as the sharpener will slip around while you sharpen your blades. This model has a handle to fix this issue. Also comes with a full metal bracket which competitors don’t have. By having a full metal bracket they don't’ fall off.
  • GREAT FOR YOUR AVERAGE DAY PERSON: Just put the knife in and a couple of strokes there is a noticeable sharpness to the blade. Good knife sharpener for the price. Sharpen your knives in under a minute.
  • SHARPEN ALL YOUR KNIVES: This multifunction sharpener has an adjustable angle from 22 to 46 degrees to match the edge of your blade. This knife sharpener suitable for japanese knives chef's knife sharpening knives serrated knives butcher knives bread knives various other kitchen knives as well as several pocket knives.
  • EASY TO GRIP: This design has an ergonomic handle which makes this sharpener easy to grip and hold down while you slide your knife through.
  • YOU CAN SHARPEN AND HONE: Do both with this sharpener. First you sharpen your blade to restore the edge you do this by angling the tip of the blade down when you sharpen. Then you hone it to get it to a ultra sharp level. To do this you angle the tip of the blade up.

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