King Double-Sided Sharpening Stone for Knives (1000/6000 Grit, 8.15" x 2.6" x 1.42")

ChefcoSKU: 90134

Sale price$46.80 CAD


This King Sharpening Stone (#1000/#6000) offers the best of both worlds for any kitchen or catering business. Use the coarser side for initial fast sharpening then flip to the finer side to polish and finish off your knives and tools for long-lasting edges. You can also use the fine grit surface to realign a slightly dull edge for a racer sharp finish. Like other whetstones from Japan it is recommended to soak the stones in water prior to use.


  • Material: Synthetic stone
  • Grit: 1000/6000 (Medium/Fine)
  • Dimensions: 207 x 66 x 36mm (8.15" x 2.6" x 1.42")

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