Turbo Range, Gas Connector Hose with Kits, 3/4"M-M, 36"

Turbo RangeSKU: SDGH36K

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The Portable-Grade Gas Hose ensures a robust and secure link to a gas line for mobile appliances. Crafted from 304 stainless steel corrugated tubing, reinforced with multi-strand stainless steel wire braiding, this hose boasts a yellow antimicrobial PVC coating for exterior protection. Stainless-steel fittings at both ends allow for smooth rotation, effectively reducing stress at connection points.

Facilitating a safe and efficient connection and disconnection from a gas line through a simple pushing action, the Push to Connect Quick Disconnect is constructed with a durable brass body. Its design streamlines the process of snapping components together.

For a secure connection point between the appliance stub-out and the appliance, the NPT Female x Male Fitting Street 90° Degree Elbow plays a crucial role.

Enhancing the range of motion at the appliance inlet gas supply, the Gas Swivel Rotation Fitting, made from aluminum alloy, ensures a safe and enduring connection. Its 360° end fitting rotation minimizes stress on the gas connector.

To guarantee the steadfast positioning of cooking equipment in its designated location and prevent stress transmission to gas connections, the Restraining Cable Kit provides an additional layer of security.

The Gas Hose system comprises the following components:

  • Gas Hose
  • Push to Connect Quick Disconnect
  • 3/4″ NPT Female x Male Street Elbow
  • Gas Swivel Rotation Fitting
  • Restraining Cable Kit

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