Medium S/S Double Mesh Strainer with Wooden Handle and Double Ear

ChefcoSKU: MSS-6D

Size: 6 1/4" Dia
Sale price$16.00 CAD


Take your purees, sauces, and soups to the next level with this strainer. This strainer ensures an ultra-smooth consistency with its fine single-layered mesh to keep lumps and seeds out. This strainer featuresstainlesssteel construction for rust-resistant, long-lasting use. The front hook allows the strainer to be directly hooked and stabilized onto the side of the pot or bowl for ease of use when pouring and pressing foods into the strainer. In addition to straining foods, it can also be dust pastries and desserts.


  • Strainer with double medium mesh and double fired plated steel. Double fire tinned wooden handle.

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