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Zinc Alloy Lobster Cracker
Sale price$9.24 CAD
Zinc Alloy Lobster CrackerWinco
Zester with Soft Grip HandleZester with Soft Grip Handle
Sale price$15.74 CAD
Zester with Soft Grip HandleWinco
Wooden Fish ScalerWooden Fish Scaler
Sale priceFrom $3.99 CAD
Wooden Fish ScalerChefco
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Wooden Cooking/Serving Chopsticks 45cmWooden Cooking/Serving Chopsticks 45cm
Wood Handle Vegetable PeelerWood Handle Vegetable Peeler
Sale priceFrom $2.31 CAD
Wood Handle Vegetable PeelerChefco
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Winco 2-Sided Heavy Duty Aluminium Meat Tenderizer
Winco 2-Sided Aluminium Meat Tenderizer
Wide Fish Bone Tweezer Round Kanto Style 4.63"Wide Fish Bone Tweezer Round Kanto Style 4.63"
White Plastic Measuring Spoon 4 Piece Set
Victorinox Universal Peeler-7.6075
Victorinox Potatoe Peeler
Victorinox Lemon Zester
Sale price$22.50 CAD
Victorinox Lemon ZesterVictorinox
Victorinox Kitchen Peeler with Serrated Edge-7.6079
Victorinox Can Opener-7.6073.3
Vegetable Peeler 80mm (KP-103)
Vegetable PeelerVegetable Peeler
Sale price$4.95 CAD
Vegetable PeelerChefco
U-Shaped Stainless Steel Peking Duck Fork
Transparent Measuring Cup (0.5-5L)Transparent Measuring Cup (0.5-5L)
Sale priceFrom $5.00 CAD
Transparent Measuring Cup (0.5-5L)Chefco
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Tin Medium Single Mesh StrainerTin Medium Single Mesh Strainer
Sale priceFrom $10.02 CAD
Tin Medium Single Mesh StrainerWinco
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Tin Medium Double Mesh StrainerTin Medium Double Mesh Strainer
Sale priceFrom $12.12 CAD
Tin Medium Double Mesh StrainerWinco
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Tapered Spout 8" Sauce Spoon
Sale price$13.50 CAD
Tapered Spout 8" Sauce SpoonWinco
Tapered Bamboo SpatulaTapered Bamboo Spatula
Sale price$2.55 CAD
Tapered Bamboo SpatulaChefco
Sub-Equip Swivel Peeler, PP, Serrated 55mm(VP-402)
Sub-Equip Swiss-Style Peeler (VP-403)
Sub-Equip Stainless Steel Spatula - 8"L Blade (TSP-8)
Sub-Equip Stainless Steel Spatula - 4"L Blade (TSP-4)
Sub-Equip Stainless Steel Spatula - 12"L Blade (TSP-12)
Sub-Equip Stainless Steel Spatula - 10"L Blade (TSP-10)

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