Kitayama Sharpening Stone for Knives Fine Grit, 8000

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Perfect for finishing and polishing the edge of carbon steel knives, the Kitayama 8000 grit stone is revered among professional sharpeners in Japan. This stone imparts an awesome edge on single bevel knives (Deba, Usuba, and Yanagiba) making it an essential part of the quest for perfect sushi. This whetstone comes mounted on a wooden holder and with a nagura (buffer stone).

DO NOT soak this stone. This stone only requires a splash of water while sharpening. Start with a splash of water over the stone and finish by pressing your blade lightly in the slurry. The particles in the slurry act as a buffer to polish your blade. The nagura or buffer stone that is included with this stone will also help you create a slurry that aids with sharpening and polishing. Please wipe excess water off from the stone before storing. Not following these directions can result in damaging your stone.


  • Material: Synthetic stone
  • Grit: 8000
  • Dimensions: 9 7/8" x 3 1/8" x 2" ht

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