MUSASHI Nakiri AUS-10 Tsuchime Damascus Buffalo Magnolia Handle 165mm (253-165)

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"Musashi" is a kitchen knife brand from Japan that has a history of blacksmithing for 250 years.
Every single process is done by hand.

This Nakiri knife with its AUS-10 Tsuchime Damascus blade and Buffalo Magnolia handle is perfect for everyday cutting tasks. The 165mm length provides excellent control for precision and accuracy. With its professional-grade quality, it will help you create food masterpieces.

Mainly used for vegetables with a flat, rectangular blade, a flat tip and a thicker spine. Best for cutting Napa and cabbage into strips. Also suitable for peeling, chopping, rotary cutting, shaving, and making garnish.

AUS-10 Stainless Steel
AUS-10 steel is one of the best steels used to make good-quality knives. It has good edge retention, toughness, hardness, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance.It is very easy to sharpen the knives made of AUS-10 stainless steel and they attain a very perfect edge. The sharpening of AUS-10A steel is easy and can be achieved through different sharpening materials.

The knife bears visible impressions of the hand-forging process (round hammer dents on the blade), which gives it a beautiful finish and also prevents food from sticking to the blade.

Damascus is a laminated steel knife made of several layers of different steel materials. The center of the blade is made of hard steel for sharpness, and both sides are covered with multiple soft steel materials. The multiple steels are metallurgically joined, not by plating or glue. The more the blade is forged, the more complex the ripples become, and the more beautiful the unique grain pattern becomes.

The handles on these knives are Octagonal Oak wood dye Japanese Lacquer (Urushi) that recalls the images of Japanese tradition.

The coating film of Urushi exudes a warm sense of intimacy when in contact with the skin that can almost be likened to the touch of an infant’s skin. With antibacterial and disinfectant properties, it is also provides an exceptional sense of security. urushi is a totally natural lacquer, and with use develops a distinct, deeply refined luster and texture which cannot be reproduced with chemically developed coating materials. This naturally fosters strong feelings of attachment and deference.

Blade Material: AUS-10 Stainless

Blade HRC: 60~61

Blade Finish: Tsuchime Damascus

Blade Type: Double-edged

Blade Length: 165mm

Handle: Buffalo Magnolia Handle

Origin: Tosa City in Kochi prefecture


■Please do not use the knife in a twisting motion.
■Please use the correct knife when cutting bone, frozen or hard items.
■Please note that the images are of the sample products. Colour, weight, pattern and size can differ as each product is handmade.
■Please use a soft plastic or wooden cutting board to protect the blades edge.
■Please don't heat or cool rapidly as it may change the structure of the steel.
■Please don't hesitate to contact us for further enquiries.

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